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ZATE's Core Values

  Engineering, Procurement
Construction Management
Project Management

Chairman's Message

  • Needs of our clients must be met at all cost.

  • Cordial and lasting relationships with clients, must be achieved.

  • A commitment to quality and sense of urgency in everything we do must be maintained at all times.

  • Integrity and pride in what we do is uppermost. These are the cornerstones of our endeavors.

Over the past twenty five years ZATE has successfully completed over 3.31 million man hours of engineering  design and

approximately 1.55 million man hours of construction management and supervision..


When Zamil Engineering and Turbag Engineering merged as Zamel & Turbag Consulting Engin- eers (ZATE) in 1980...

... Zate as a reputable consulting Engineering company having lowest attrition rates in the industry, resulting in a most experienced and dedicated professional team to serve our esteemed clients...


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